Saturday, 28 March 2009

The Unarchiver

There's nothing more irritating than downloading a compressed file off of the internet, and then discovering that your current decompressor doesn't recognise the file format.

With The Unarchiver, the chance of this happening is greatly reduced. This application can handle a ridiculous amount of formats, including common ones like RAR and ZIP, as well as thirty-four other, more obscure ones like ZOM and CPIO files. You need never experience that oh-so-horrible frustration again. Hooray!

The Unarchiver also comes with a few neat customisation options too, to make your unarchiving process as exhilarating as decompressing a file can possibly be. You can choose to extract the archives to any custom folder of your choice, and you can also have the archive moved to the trash once the files have been extracted. Now that's good decompressing!

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