Sunday, 22 March 2009


There are many, many music players out there. But besides a few minor differences between them, they're all the same. But not Songbird!

For those of you who've heard of Songbird before, you would've undoubtedly heard of the fact that it was extremely sluggish, had many bugs and was prone to crashing. But all this has changed in the new release. The new Songbird works extremely quick - my iTunes library of almost 6,000 songs was imported in a couple of minutes.

The main feature of Songbird that draws it away from all of the other generic media players out there is its customisations. Whereas iTunes is quite closed, without many third party applications, Songbird has a plethora of these. From within Songbird, you can launch its built in browser, and search through all the recommendations, and download and install them all from within Songbird itself.

The amount of available add-ons for Songbird are unbelievable. You can get all of the standard ones that are found on many different players, like artwork finders, lyric finders and support, as well as an abundance of new and original ones. There's an add-on that displays upcoming concerts for an artist you're playing, an add-on that recommends a new artist that isn't in your library based on what you're listening to, and many other intuitive ones like these. Songbird is like the Firefox of music players. It allows for near limitless cusomisation.

However, seeing as how Songbird is still relatively new on the scene, it's missing a few key features. There's no iPod Touch, iPhone or Zune support, has quite limited video support and it is not yet able to rip CDs.

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