Monday, 23 March 2009

Hunter Suite

It can be tough owning things. You forget exactly which things you own, you forget exactly where they're kept and, try as you may, you just can't seem to remember if a possession is yours, or if it belongs to one of your mates. But thankfully, a nice fella who goes by the name of JAres has come up with a simple, yet oh so effective solution for all these problems.

The Hunter Suite is a collection of three programmes. DVD Hunter, Game Hunter and Book Hunter. They help you keep track of your DVD, Game and Book libraries, and can each be downloaded individually.

The programmes themselves are very simple. On opening them, you are presented with a sidebar, and main section. The sidebar contains the titles of your lists. (The default lists given are Library, Borrowed and Wishlist, although these can all be changed, and you can create new ones too.) And in the main section, you are presented with the list of what you own, want or have borrowed.

When entering a new possession, you get given a little form to fill in. This includes all sorts of information. E.g. In Book Hunter, it asks you for the Author, Publisher, Language etc. You can choose to fill all this in yourself, but if like myself, you're of the lazy inclination, you'll be happy to hear that all you need to do is enter the title, click autocomplete, and all of the relevant details are fetched from the Amazon website.

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