Sunday, 22 March 2009

Google Earth

Ever had the urge to see what your house looks like from 5 miles up in the sky? Or have a map of the night sky with all of the stars and galaxies labeled out for you? Well now you can.

Google Earth is a handy little app that allows you to view satellite images from all around the world. The images in major populated areas are fantastic, you can even make out individual people. As far as I know, the images cover the whole earth, but some places have a lower resolution than others. (So don't bother trying to pick out Lions in the African Savannah.) The resolutions vary from 15 metres in less populated areas, right up to 10cm in Prague!

As well as looking down on the Earth, you can also look up at the sky. It uses data from the Hubble Telescope to provide information, and is updated every 5 minutes.

One of my favourite features has got to be the flight simulator. It may be very basic, only allowing you two planes and about 10 airports, but you've gotta love that feeling of flying an F-16 fighter Jet above your hometown!

Google Earth Page

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