Friday, 17 April 2009


As I have probably said in some earlier post, I am an absolute stats freak. I don't care what the stats are about. Like bread and water for most normal people, pointless little tidbits of information form the base of my diet.

SuperAnalyzer is an extremely neat little Java Application that does exactly what its name suggests. It analyzes your iTunes library quickly and without fuss. Ever wondered exactly how many tracks you've played? At what time you play the most songs? Or hat your Top 10 most played artists, and Top 10 most highly rated artists are? Well wonder no more! Thanks to SuperAnalyzer, I can say that I've played 5,283 tracks, I play the most songs between the hours of 9pm and 10pm, my most played artists is Beirut and my highest rated artists is of Montreal. (Although the last one's a bit inaccurate because I don't tend to rate my music. I change my mind too quick.)

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