Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Curiosity is a brilliant thing. It can aid you in discovering facts about pretty much whatever you choose.

Coconut Identity Card is a very good tool for quenching your curiosity-fueled thirst for knowledge. It's an extremely simple and lightweight app that tells you exactly where, and the week in which your Mac or iPod was built. Some may view this as a little unnecessary, but not I! I feed on pointless yet interesting facets of information. Now the next time a random stranger asks me when and where my Mac was made, I can say: "Between the 28th of July and the 3rd of August 2008, in Shanghai!".

As well as telling you where your iPod or Mac come from, Coconut Identity Card can also let you know whether or not that nice Apply product you bought it stolen or not by searching the online database of stolen Apple products. You can also manually enter an eleven digit serial code from any Apple product and have Coconut Identity Card tell you where and when it comes from.

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